Friday, May 27, 2011

The Genius Maker #33

Just a quote from Girardi about Rivera...

Rivera's reliance on the cutter, Girardi said, "tells you how great he is at his craft because he's really never fooled people. It wasn't like you're looking for a fastball and you get a changeup, or you're looking for a fastball and you get a curveball.

"Mo just said, 'Here it is. It's going to cut, it's going to sink, and I'm going to throw it where I want and you try to do something with it.' I can't think of any pitcher that's really ever done that."

Joe is right with his quote with one exception, it should state, "I can't think of any pitcher that has ever done that and been so good and at such a high level for so long." Many pitchers have either done a poor job at it or a mediocre job, but nobody has ever thrown one speed and been so great and for so long! Even the Goose Gossages and Rob Dibble's threw sliders. You get the same speed every time and as a major leaguer you still can't get him.

The red hot Red Sox are now tied with us, although we have a better winning %

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