Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Genius Maker #28

After a great offensive performance Thursday night, the Yanks followed it up with an offensive performance Friday night. The Yanks made it a habit of taking strikes and swinging at balls all night. The ump behind home plate didn't help giving every single close pitch to the Mets pitchers except one (that was to Swisher who followed the gift by swinging at a pitch that wasn't even close). Overall there were about 4 really bad calls against the yanks and non against the Mets from behind home plate. The key one was with bases loaded in the 2nd inning and Gardner got a bad call against him that would have changed the AB. The Yankees did get a gift at 1st base when the ump ruled the Mets 1st baseman came off the bag on a throw when he didn’t though.

Back to Swisher… how many bad pitches is he going to swing at? I would have thought against Dickey he would have batted righty as Bernie used to do, but instead he just waved the bat all night.

In a key spot in the game, Reyes mad ea diving play up the middle on a ball from ARod and then threw ARod out. Outside of the nice play, I was shocked at how slow ARod got down the line; I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure he didn't run hard out of the box or possible he slipped, but I didn't even think Reyes would make a throw as he went a long way to dive on get to the ball.

Garcia pitched pretty well, but lost 2-1.

Knuckleballers can throw you off your game; hopefully the Yanks get right back at it and score some runs because the Mets lineup is very weak.

The Red Sox are now in 2nd place with their 7th straight win.

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