Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Genius Maker #24

I don’t want write as much detail as I normally do about a game…mostly because it was pitiful…

Jorge messed up! If he was not physically able to play, then just go down that road and be honest. If he was insulted he was going to bat 9th then he has no gripe whatsoever. Jorge gets a pass based on years of service. But, let’s see how this unfolds. He should apologize for making this a circus while Boston is in town and move on and hopefully start to hit again.

Beckett made a lot of very bad pitches that the Yanks just didn’t hit. ARod had some really good pitches to hit and just missed them. Tex simply can’t get his hands above any pitch that is up right now and seemed out of synch. Cano was in his swing at anything mode and could have walked a few times. Swisher has just been awful at the plate all year.

CC pitched well but the 4 pitch walk to Varitek was inexcusable.

Turn the page and try to get the last one if they play today.

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