Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Genius Maker #22

I did not watch the game but I followed some of it on Gamecast. Some of you can straighten me out on this, but I saw three things that really made me wonder. Why was Girardi bunting Gardner when he was ahead in the count 2-0 (after 6 straight balls) and again on 3-1? Why play for the tie when you have nobody available in the bullpen? The second one was if he really did not want to use Joba last night and he knew Soriano was unavailable, why would you get only one out with Logan? I wrote about how well Carlyle has done, but as I said, I have no faith in Buddy Carlyle and would much rather Logan against a righty than Carlyle against anybody. Third, of course, Carlyle stunk and Girardi blew the decision even further by letting Buddy start the 11th and walking a guy before pulling him. Why send him out there if he looked like, well, Buddy Carlyle?

Once again, Girardi blunders.

BTW, I understand limiting your pitchers and I think this is a smarter move than most people think; mostly because this is a long season. However, Joba pitched 1 inning Saturday and Sunday and then had an off day on Monday. He then was razor sharp yesterday needing only 8 or 9 pitches to get through his inning. Is it really that much asking Joba to go 1 inning? Robertson failing really hurt the team because with the absence of Soriano as well we really needed Robertson to get the job done. Of course, the other Girardi decisions (all 3) really show a lack of cohesive thought

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