Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Star Game

I have to admit I didn't watch the game and while I wanted us to be able to get home field advantage for the World Series, I don't find the game interesting or too important. I do recognize the home field could be important, but I would like to win with other teams players. I am pretty ticked that Hughes got into the game. Why? here is a guy we are resting and missing starts which not only is impacting the games he doesn't pitch, but seems to hurt him in subsequent starts, plus the reason why we are doing it is to limit his work this year! So why in the world are we pitching him in a less meaningful game? Again, the home field advantage is a good thing, but it isn't that critical and more important, you are talking about how much of an impact will he really have in the game? Of course, as it turned out, he had a pretty negative impact, but that is not the point; the point is he should not have pitched in the game!

We have had the passing of two great Yankee icons. Shepperd was 99 and George 80. I viewed George as someone who wanted to win badly and made the Yankees a first class organization as every player talked about how the amenities for the Yankee players were the best in the league. George could be a tyrant as a boss, but he was also a very generous person with charities and most important to the Yankee fans, he gave everything he could to put the best product on the field every single year. THANK YOU GEORGE!

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