Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Genius Maker #69

This game was the ARod and CC show. CC had the best fastball he has had all year. He was consistently 95 MPH and hit 96 at times. Oakland's huge stadium and weak hitting lineup made it a very good matchup for minimizing runs. Meanwhile, ARod, by himself knocked in more runs against the Oakland starting pitcher than he has allowed in any game this year. ARod did it on a Grand Slam and a solo homer. The GS was particularly enjoyable because it came after the inning was extended because Gardner got down to 2nd base blazing fast and caused the turn to be delayed allowing Jeter to NOT hit into a DP. Then Tex got hit by a pitch (when he was down in the count) and ARod followed with his bomb on a 3-1 pitch. This was a classic example of how important the count is. On the 2-1 pitch, ARod checked his swing on a curve in the dirt and by controlling himself, got the count in his favor where the pitcher (Cahill)had to give in and he crushed it. He would not have seen that pitch on 2-2. Cahill is a pitcher that has really good movement on his pitches and ARod was the man last night.

Tex made a really good play on pop up that would have been out of play in every other stadium in the league. He went a long way and stuck out his glove near the stands.

TB beat Boston again

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