Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Genius Maker #85

A lot of trade rumors flying around. I am in favor of bringing up Montero and letting the guy be our DH most of the time and emergency 3rd catcher.

With Cliff Lee throwing 9 shutout innings and since being traded to Texas walking 1 guy (non intentionally) and striking out 25 guys, I wanted to take a better look at Justin Smoak; the guy Seattle chose instead of Montero. You know what is amazing is that Smoak was not even all that great in the minors. He will be 24 in December so he isn't a real young guy and in his 303 AAA AB's his OPS is only .786! He is 3-4 years older than Montero. Hard to understand how a catcher (even a poor fielding one)who is 3+ years younger and a much better hitting prospect doesn't have more interest than a weaker hitting 1st baseman who as of now has an OPS of .469 with 1 walk and 22 K's for Seattle. Funny, his line is similar to Cliff Lee's for walks and K's. That is what you get for pulling the plug on a trade with the Yanks at the last second Seattle!

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  1. The Seattle GM was liking him alot out of colledge. That still shouldnt make him blind to what he has done in the minors. Time will tell that he made a bad trade no matter what Montero does! I saw all the games Smoak played against the yankees and wasnt impressed considering who he was traded for.