Friday, July 9, 2010

The Genius Maker #71

These west coast games are rough on sleeping...

The good part is that this game went very quickly because Pettitte shut down the weak hitting Mariner lineup and our lineup got a lot of hits, but didn't string enough of them for a decent inning.

The difference in the game is that they have Aardsma and we have the Genius Maker and that is about it.

Swisher was the man on offense. Fresh off his buzz from finding out he made the All Star team, Swish was 4-4 with a key double in the 9th inning which was followed by Captain Clutch (ARod) knocking in 2 runs with 2 outs after Tex popped up with men on 2nd and 3rd and 1 out.

I have to knock Jeter on a few items.

Each SS had a mirror play on a ball in the hole where they grabbed the ball and threw to 2nd to start a DP. The Seattle SS got in front of the ball, planted and immediately threw while Jeter couldn't get in front of it so he had to jump on throw. They completed the DP and we didn't and Cano had a better turn than Figgins. Jeter also missed a line drive up the middle where he didn't get off the ground; he just looks a step slow everywhere to me. In fact, he has to be the only leadoff hitter in baseball where the pitchers don't even throw over when he leads off a 1-1 tie in the 9th getting on base and the threat of a steal isn't even there.

I also think he has way too much movement at the plate. Jeter's OPS is now below .750 and his slug is below .400.

Other notes:

Gardner made a really big play by getting over on a single and throwing out Ichiro at 3rd base. Ichiro was on 1st with nobody out and after the single Gardner cut it off and threw a strike to Pena who made a good tag. That was a huge play because instead of 1st and 3rd with nobody out it was man on 1st with 1 out. Good thing Gardner played very well in the field because he had a terrible batting day (0-4 with 3 K's)

ARod made a good running play getting to 3rd base with nobody out on the 8th by getting a good jump on a ball in the dirt and their catcher Bard didn't block the ball well. ARod ended up scoring the tying run at the time

Andy is 11-2 with a crazy 2.70 ERA!

Boston is 5 games out!!!!

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