Monday, July 26, 2010

The Genius Maker #82 (pre game)

The Yanks announced that Mitre will be pulled from the rotation so that Moseley gets the starts. I don't get why the Yanks make this move aftre only one start? Why didn't they just start Moseley the first time if they really felt Mitre wasn't ready? This is similar to the lack of planning they have had with Joba...This stuff concerns me. Hopefully Moseley will pitch well, but it doesn't make sense to me about Mitre.

There have been a lot of trade rumors. First Haren (a good pitcher) went to the Angels in a good trade for teh Angels. The Yanks supposedly offered Montero for Soria (the KC closer). I would do that straight up but in general the Yanks are better off doing what they did with CC...sign him as a free agent. The Yanks are at their best when they have studs they pay for via free agency and they have an infusion of young and less expensive talent. This is the best formula for producing a winner when you have the advantage of spending more than others. Next year the Yanks should go out and pay for Lee and allow some of the young pitching to get better and the young catching as well. The Yankees may also be in the market for an OF'r or a SS. Of course, dealing with Jeter will be the toughest the Yanks have to face. The poster child for all baseball players to aspire to and a true Yankee will need to be paid for his services, but his defense is weak and his offense has been poor as well (this year). While I expect his offense to be a little better than it has been this year, he doesn't have a position where is offense makes sense. When the Yanks got ARod I had suggested moving Jeter to CF as he tracks balls great. The only place I could see him is as a platoon player in a corner OF spot (His OPS against lefties this year is .912 and righties it is .632...3 prior years it is 100 points higher against lefties). This will be interesting...

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  1. I agree they dont need a starter, they may get Lee in off season. After all, he and CC are very good friends too. As far as SS, they supposedly have a stud in the minors, they probably will bring up later in the year. Still need quality utility guy infield.
    Getting a starter for the run just doesnt make sense, get a reliever if anything.

    Jeter CF? ?????????