Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Genius Maker #74

Even though CC only struck out one batter he had the best velocity he has had all year. He was cruising along and was only in trouble one inning. Texiera continued his hot hitting getting 4 hits and the Yanks cruised to a 8-2 win.

We now enter the most boring time of the year and for us we don't get baseball for 4 full days.

It is time to get caught up on past blogs and moving forward I will post about where we are and what I expect (in the next few days).

I wish all of our guys would say thanks but no thanks to the All Star, especially to the HR derby (which I think is silly and will mess up your swing)

Finally, I wanted to comment on what Robbie Thompson (our 3rd base coach) was saying after he was getting all sorts of guys thrown out at the plate, many of which with nobody out. I am paraphrasing, but he said he will continue to be aggressive because anyone can stop the guys from scoring, but if I am not getting guys thrown out then I am not doing my job. He continued stating that if you look at some of the plays we were thrown out,it took 2 perfect throws to get us out. My take: There are times where taking a chance make sense and there are times where taking a chance do not make sense. Trying to score a guy with 2 outs and getting thrown out with 2 perfect throws makes a lot of sense, in fact, you could argue getting thrown out 50% of the time there would make some sense. But, I don't think it is ever prudent to get thrown out with nobody out, and I don't care how many perfect throws it took. We have been thrown out at least 5 times at home nobody out in only the 1st half of the year; that is unacceptable and I think he should lose his job. Not only does he obviously not get it, I don't think he has the best judgment.


  1. The home run doesnt mess everyones swing up! It all depends on the individual...Dont let all the reporters and a few past stats (Abreu) on players run ur mind (LOL)! for every one that the say it ruined their swing, there are 5 it didnt. Like I said all individual handle it differently.

  2. I agree that not everyone got messed up and I saw the stats where they showed 6 guys who had 17 homers before the AS break and then had only 5 afterward and they did not show everyone, but it has had a significant impact on some players. Without looking up every person, i don't know the numbers, but it clearly has impacted some. More important is the toll it takes on you as swinging that hard and in that way so many times will impact your swing because in practice, you don't try to do that every time and this is the main reason I am totally against it. It may hurt it, it may not hurt, but it surely won't help, so why do it?

  3. I agree 100% with your thoughts on Thompson, Steve. The fact that he is defending himself rather than admitting that it's something that needs to be better moving on in the future shows that he just doesn't get it.

  4. I've also been wondering who is paying attention to Thompson's poor decision making. I would have fired him by now.

  5. BTW, I called out as one of the more important moves the Yankees needed to make was to retain Larry Bowa, who was an excellent 3rd base coach. Girardi failed there and I think Girardi's ego is too big.