Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Genius Maker #84

This was a very poorly played game by the Yankees. Pretty much only Cano's double and the great Gardner throw home throwing out a runner were the only memorable points. However, theses few good moments were overshadowed by some very poor play. Cano gets called for leaving the bag at 2nd too soon on a double play (he did leave a bit early but this is rarely called) and then to compound the stuation, the guy at 1st base was just safe, but he was less safe than Tex was the other night. Cervelli drops the tag at home plate that was perhaps the deciding play in the game and the Yankees offense was pretty offensive. I am not looking to take anything away from the kid who pitched against us, but it wasn't like his stuff was very sharp or overpowering and he left plenty of hittable pitches over the plate for us but we simply didn't take advantage and hit well. One of those days where the hitters just didn't get it done.

CC pitched a good ball game, but the defense let him down. I love CC as a pitcher and there he was throwing 98 on his 123rd and final pitch of the night...We played a bad game outside of CC.

Why wasn't Cervelli pinch hit for in the 8th inning with Posada?

BTW, on the Cano play Jeter should have delivered the ball faster to Cano and not only would the runner on 2nd been out, but I think we would have turned the DP. Those are the subtle difference between turning it or not.

One other subtle part of the game were the ARod AB's. He took the 1st pitch 3 times and all 3 times the pithes were grooved (one was a slider). the one time he swung at the first pitch it was a breaking ball that was low and he reached for it. Not sure if he guesses on the first pitch, but he was 0-4 on the first pitch and 0-4 in his AB's.

Meanwhile TB turned a very tough and close DP with the bases loaded against Cabrera to end the game...Hopefully Boston will lose.

Update: Boston won and not sure if you are aware but Carl Pavano (yes, the same waste of 3 years Carl Pavano) has won 8 straight decisions for Minnesota and has an ERA of 3.21 to go along with 5 complete games! That makes me sick. He never had overpowering stuff, but when he was on (never for the Yanks), he had very good movement and didn't walk many guys. This year he has allowed only 22 walks in 148.2 innings. He pitches against TB in his next start (right after we get through with them), so lets see if he can help us out on Monday.

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