Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Genius Maker #70

Break out the brooms! The Yanks are a season high 22 games above .500!

Burnett did not throw particularly great, but I was very happy to see he and Cervelli work in the change up and Cervelli called it at smart times. I little more disparity than 4 MPH would be better, but it was still very effective.

The Yanks rested Granderson instead of Gardner against the lefty and Gardner had a good game offensively as well as making a real nice running catch to LC on a ball tailing away from him that I am not sure if Granderson would have gotten to (maybe). Granderson did come in later for defensive purposes (correctly) and got a weak jump on a ball and let one drop in front of him that Gardner might have been able to get.

Teixeira put an exclamation point on a 5 run 4th inning with a 3 run bomb to keep his streak of reaching base intact.

ARod dropped a pop up by overrunning it in the vast foul territory; he has never been that comfortable on pop ups and I can only hope he gets back in a groove of catching them so it doesn't become mental. He is better at a reaction position like 3rd and he has been playing very well there of late, but the pop ups give a person a lot of time. ARod seems to catch the ball in front of face too much instead of off to the side more IMO. In this case he kept looking to the stands and took his eye off the ball and overran it.

Marte has been doing better of late. The key to him is throwing strikes as he is not too easy to hit when he is ahead in the count. Overall he has allowed only 10 hits in 17.2 innings (great), but he has allowed 11 walks (awful). The OPS against him is .580 though so he has been effective. Overall, lefties have an OPS of .468 hitting only .146 with a .200 OBP and a .268 slug. As I have said last year, being the only lefty (usually), he is a key component of the bullpen, especially as we get to the playoffs.

Pena got 2 his first 2 hits of the year against a lefty!!! The Yanks rested Cano so that he could play in the All Star game...OK, maybe they just wanted to give him a rest, but you know how I feel. I was happy to hear that he will not partake in the HR derby as that screws up guys swings. However, they said it was due to a stiff back; that is not good. The same news was about Rivera who they said had a stiff knee...hopefully they are just being smart.

TB beat the banged up Red Sox again

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