Friday, July 9, 2010

Possible Cliff Lee Trade

I received a few texts today regarding the Yankee deal with Cliff Lee was imminent. I also saw the Yanks deal with the Mariners was on the 1 yard line. I guess we need a new goal line back...

I am torn as I always feel a little odd as the team with the highest payroll to go out and grab a guy like this, however, he is a difference maker and Texas just became a huge threat. That being said, we should just outbid everyone for him next year...within reason. While Lee has been dominant after his minor league assignment a few years ago, he is not a spring chicken and will be 32 next month. So how long of a deal can you give him? Maybe you give him a 4 year deal? Either way, maybe this was all a ploy to get the Mariners to deal him today so that Lee won't pitch against us tonight and to ensure TB or Boston didn't get him? If so, great job. I would like to add another righty stick to PH or platoon with Granderson and/or Gardner.

The other part of this is that Texas should have locked up the their division with this move. They were already the best team in the division and this just ended it barring some huge injuries. Texas made a great move signing Guerrero for only 5.5 mil dollars as he has been an excellent DH this year (OPS of .933).

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