Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Genius Maker #68

I hate the Oakland camera; tough to judge the strike zone and the movement.

Javy pitched a very good game today. The run support for him has not been good. The stat I saw was he had about 3.5 runs/game while others were in the 7's and 6's. That is a huge reason why the wins and losses are what they are. i think Burnett's was about 4.5. (UPDATED with correct numbers: Hughes 7.7 r/g, CC and Pettitte 6.1 and AJ was 4.4)

The Yanks only scored 3 runs, but Tex got a homer and has continued to swing better. unfortunately ARod and Jeter have not. Jeter is moving far more than he ever has and he could use some of the Swisher non movement techniques to help out.

Joba was throwing 95-97 so that was good to see and the Genius Maker got the job done even though the movement didn't seem very good.

Teixeira odd stats- he has an OPS of 1.025 in the day and .701 at night under the lights. That is a surprisingly huge discrepancy.

There are some rumors the Yanks are looking at Ty Wiggington. I don't see any reason to get Wiggington unless we give up nothing for him and take on his contract. Over his last 100 AB's this year his OPS is barely above .500. Now I know he started off hot (over .900 OPS over the first 170 AB's of the year) but his overall OPS is .776 this year and he doesn't have a platoon advantage that is strong this year (actually is better against righties this year). Pena has a better glove and at 24 I would rather let him play well against righties and if we need someone else try Russo against lefties. Now if I knew one of our infielders would be injured that is a different story as I would think Wiggington would be a better every day option than Pena, but I don't want to make that assumption otherwise we should trade for Cliff Lee assuming one of starters will go down. Last Year Wiggington had an OPS of .714 playing in Baltimore. The slump he is in right now scares me away a little but his overall OPS of .770 is about what you would expect from him because it is more in line with his career numbers than last year which was a big drop off. Maybe at 32 he is aging faster than most, but either way, I don't like the fit.


  1. Wiggington no way, we dont need him. Cliff lee only if price is perfect, but I dont think they actually need him at th point. All our starters are doinng a great job, even Javy is pitching very well like we expected him to. So like i said, unless its a trade we cannot refuse, i dont really care to break up our rotatation as it is going now. Id much rather get a utility infielder, that can hit and that shouldnt be hard to get somewhere. I actually liked Jerry Hairston that they had last year.

  2. I was not a fan of Hairston as I think he is Wiggington (not enough of an upgrade to not develop a younger guy)