Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Genius Maker #79

The game was over in the 1st inning when Cano ripped a neck high fastball the opposite way into the gap clearing the loaded bases...

Congratulations to Jorge Posada who is now the 12th Yankee to reach 1000 RBI's and I believe only the 5th catcher in history. Posada has been a great player and an under appreciated one through the Yankee titles, but I have always been a fan and one of the places we held an advantage over other teams was getting such great hitting from the catchers position. In fact, Posada should have been starting a few years earlier in his career as he was much better than Girardi...Posada also has received more bad press regarding his defense than he has deserved over the years. He always called a good game and threw extremely well. Obviously, the shortcomings in his game are becoming more pronounced now, but we are still a better team when he is behind the plate and we have a good DH; granted I know his days behind the plate must be limited and soon his poor defense will be too much of a liability to support him there...I just think he can finish off this year as the main guy...forgetting 2 nights ago.

Burnett pitched fairly well and while the outcome was good, his lack of command of his curveball will not allow him to put up zeros in the future. I also would like to see his velocity get back up to 95+ so that his change at 87 is a difference.

Nice job by Gaudin and Albaladejo closing out the game only allowing one run over the final 4 innings. I had mentioned bring up up Albie and he has looked pretty good this year; hopefully we can find a hot pitcher, although some say he will be optioned back down for Mitre...doesn't make sense to me

BTW, Montero has been hitting about .500 since he was almost traded and I would not be surprised if we saw him come up and do some DH'ng. A platoon of Miranda and Thames is decent, but I would like to see Thames give Granderson a rest against lefties (moving Gardner to CF). On that note, I am starting to see some signs from Granderson that he is coming out of his funk. The numbers don't really show it as he is only hitting .250 over the last 10 games with only 1 walk, but he is starting to center the ball better now and is less off balance than he has been. I said this earlier, but I believe batting him more against righties will give him greater confidence to get him going rather than facing lefties and getting dominated. Hopefully he can get it going...

Mitre goes tomorrow and he doesn't match up that great against them as they are a good batting average team so they should get some hits off of him. It will be important that he gets some DP's.

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