Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Genius Maker #100

While this is my 100th post (or so as I have had some 1/2 posts) this year, it will be without fan fare because the Yankees are having the worst slump of the year. It is embarrassing that the Yanks went into the 9th getting shut out for almost 2 games in a row. They were able to walk their way to a run and had a chance to pull it out as the Yanks had bases loaded with 1 run across in the 9th inning and Jeter was up. Unfortunately, Jeter continued his poor hitting against righties as he hit into his second DP of the game to end any chance.

While most of us would say Kevin Long deserves a raise for his work with some of the folks on the team (particularly Swisher), why is such a stacked team struggling so much? Yes, we have scored the most runs, so the big picture is good, but this team should score the most runs in baseball with the talent on the roster. I am not advocating anything against Long, as that is clearly not the case, but if he gets the credit when things go well he deserves some blame now.

Our 3-1 loss combined with TB winning has us deadlocked in 1st place.

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