Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Genius Maker #107

I just want to point out the same two things I have said before. Once AJ starts bad, you might as well get him out of there because he rarely, if ever, straightens himself out. Allowing him to give up so many runs is just silly. 2) I think his stuff could work well out of the bullpen as a 2 pitch pitcher. It is time for him to be there. In his last 15 starts his ERA is an atrocious 6.86 (3-10). Let Nova start and hope Pettitte gets better soon. Andy threw a bullpen session and felt good, but he has not gone 100% and that is the big test.

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  1. I commented in much earlier post about a kid they will bring up towards the end of season named Nunez. He looks to be a very good prospect, I love the way he hits it the other way. Also, I liked the pop in his bat!
    Much better than Pena at the plate!