Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Genius Maker #94

The outcome of the day was very good as the Yanks won 5-2 and TB allowed 17 runs in a loss!

At the start of the game though we got some disturbing news that ARod was hit on the shin in batting practice from Berkman. While ARod will be OK and is day to day, you have to take advantage of this and say that Berkman now has half as many hit Yankees as hits (what a rough start for Berkman).

In the 1st inning McCarver said something that really bothered me. He was talking about the reason why they are saying Lackey has been pitching better is that he is throwing more fastballs and after 11 pitches, he has thrown nothing but 11 fastballs...Really Tim, do you really think nobody is watching the game? He made this absurd comment and I can't believe how off base he could be. Lackey threw 8 fastballs and 3 breaking balls in his first 11 pitches. It is possible one of the breaking balls was a change (it was tough to tell), but man Tim, talk about not respecting anyone and just saying BS???

Pena is very smooth in the field, but he gets eaten up too many times at 3rd base; he made a terrible play on a grounder that would have been easy if he charged it. Unless he can hit like he did last year, he is not doing his job. That being said, he did a good job today, twice getting the runner in from 3rd base with 1 out (once grounding out and the other time ripping a single).

Jeter's 3rd AB was a little concerning as he swung at a curve that almost landed on the plate, and then took 3 straight fastball strikes...yes it was 3 as one of them that was a strike was called a ball. Sometimes I have no idea what is going through a batters mind, but whatever it was Jeter needs to get rid of it.

Gardner has really been struggling at the plate. He is out of sync and I think he needs to bunt to try and get something going.

Speaking of getting something going, I mentioned in the last blog that the Yankees have to run against Martinez and they finally realized this stealing 2 bases and taking an extra base on a bad throw. his release is really slow.

CC battled tonight after a rough start and he was throwing a little slow early on, about 93, and the change at 88 didn't have as much of a differential as one would like, but he fought his way through 8 innings and got stronger as the game went on and I was surprised he didn't stay out for the 9th inning. I know it was a save situation, but it was only 101 pitches and the last 4 innings he was cruising. I guess I don't like the competition to see Rivera any more than they have to. However, the Genius Maker didn't disappoint getting all 3 batters out in order.

Now let's take the last 2 and bury the Sox!

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