Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Genius Maker #110

The Yankees found themselves down 3-0 before stepping to the plate against the hottest pitcher in baseball. Cahill was 14-5 with a stellar 2.43 ERA for a bad Oakland team. His last 6 starts he allowed only 4 ER in 47 innings (0.77 ERA). But, the Yanks did a very good job of not swinging at balls and drilling strikes. They crushed some balls with Cano and Tex ripping line drive homers, Thames hitting a 100 MPH fastball into the 2nd deck (not off of Cahill) and Cano hitting line drive so hard he ripped the webbing on the 2nd baseman's glove...That is the way to hit.

Vazquez came on in relief of a terrible outing by Moseley and threw 4.2 innings one 1 run ball to pick up the victory. Interestingly, after the game, Moseley and Vazquez have the same 4.86 ERA. Now what do we do? Well, the odd thing is that Moseley probably doesn't need to be on the roster, but Mitre and Vazquez are both pitching much better out of the pen and with Burnett being so bad, he should probably move to the pen for a little while. I think I would put Vazquez back in or Mitre and if I chose it would be Vazquez (although I am not strong in my opinion). I guess we leave Burnett in the rotation and have maybe Girardi will use my quick hook plan that is needed with Burnett.

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