Monday, August 2, 2010

The Genius Maker #89

Now you know why I hated the lineup yesterday. That could have been the weakest hitting performance of the year. How many change-ups in the dirt did we swing at? 20? 25? It was incredible how they never sat on the change or even better refuse to swing at anything off speed as the change was only thrown for a strike a few times. While we should be able to win any game with any lineup, it has to be a little odd resting ARod, Gardner and Tex in the field. Obviously, Berkman had a terrible fielding day that cost us a few runs and who knows how a full lineup would have done? I really felt that when Granderson was up with 1st and 3rd and one out in the 2nd inning it was a very big point in the game. Granderson had 2 hittable pitches and he missed them both and then (no surprise) chased a change-up out of the strike zone. For a supposedly patient team, the Yankees hitters did an awful job. I don't want to take too much away from Shields who obviously was disguising his change-up well, but when you triple and even quadruple up on your change-up, there shouldn't be too much deception.

In Boston, Buchholz had a shutout going into the 9th with a 3 run lead, but allowed a walk and a single before coming out for Papelbon who allowed a double and then a game tying single before getting out of the inning. Unfortunately, in the bottom of the 9th after an infield hit a sac bunt was throw away so Boston had a walk off error win after their Big Poppy double win. I know people have already written off Boston, but if they can get healthy they are a very good team.

Back to the Yanks, I am still annoyed the Yanks rested their players yesterday, they should have rested them against Toronto!

One last comment to add: If you remember I had written that Gardner went from super elite speed to only elite speed as he looked a little slower. I read that he said after his hot start, his legs got a little tired when Granderson was out and as the other fast threat he didn't want to hurt the team. He also said that he needs to run more now that he feels good again. He seems to have a good handle on his abilities as he also mentioned stealing 60 bases just to get caught 20 times doesn't help the team much. Gardner has been a huge plus for the team this year...and hopefully for a long time.

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