Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Genius Maker #93

Now we need to win the next 3! This was a game where we must tip our hat to a pitcher that has really good stuff. Buchholz really has a lot going. He can pump a 95 MPH fastball when he wants to, while running (goes toward a righty) a fastball at about 91-92 and then cutting one at about the same speed (and it is a good one). he also throws a good hook to go along with a changeup. He moves pitches all over the place and even though his command isn't great (I know he didn't walk a Yankee, but normally he walks a little more than one would like(3.5 per 9 innings) he has such great movement and it is very tough to sit on a pitch because of all the different speeds and movement. I am very impressed with Buchholz...unfortunately.

The key play in the game was a popup in between Vazquez and Cervelli that Cervelli just dropped. Either player should make the play and if Cervelli called it he screwed up. In general, the pitcher usually doesn't take popups, but one like that Vazquez should just demonstrably call everyone off and make the was easy and he is a good fielding pitcher. That is a tougher play on a catcher, although if Cervelli was calling it he needs to make the play. They are both to blame, but more is on Cervelli because it was assumed he was going to make it. This led to 3 runs and a lot of extra pitches by was a game changer.

The Yanks did a decent job of hitting and did hit a couple hard shots right at people (think Berkman and even Granderson's DP ball to go along with some hard hit grounders). Cano ripped a double that was such a great swing that I had to slow mo it a few times to watch poetry in motion. The mentioned Granderson DP was the first one this year he has hit into. It was also a time where I was OK with bunting, but then I would have pinch hit Posada for Cervelli. It is making a move early, but it was the 4th inning and we were already down 4-2...Make the move and let Posada bat with 2nd and 3rd and nobody out (in most cases). With Granderson's speed you never know he could beat it out.

Also, Martinez is really poor at throwing and the Yanks need to run more. Gardner needs to be more aggressive stealing and learn pitchers better. Jeter was also on first and we need to take advantage of Martinez back there.

Berkman needs to get a few hits under his belt. He has hit a lot of balls very hard but has not been good at all so far. Some bad luck yes, but, he is 2-19 with no power and only one walk; that is terrible...even if 3 of the hard hit balls fell in, it would not be good. He is better than this and better get it going...he should.

At least TB lost, but the Yanks better take at least 2 of the next 3!

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