Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Genius Maker #102

It would appear the sweep will not happen! Burnett kept consistent with his inconistency and King Felix showed why he is a great pitcher on a bad team. Unfortunately, the very bad Seattle team (especially on the road) only needed Felix to pitch well to beat the yanks. Anything less than taking the last 2 games is a failure. To make it worse, the Yanks allowed ARod to play on a strained calf and ARod couldn't get through more than one AB...sometimes you have to wonder what the Yanks are thinking as the last thing you wanted was Alex to re injure it. I would be very surprised if ARod played in the next 4 days and they should shut him down...get him well!

On a good note, TB lost its 2nd game to Oakland by one run...good to see them struggle as well. Boston also had to put Pedrioa on the DL as his foot is not better yet...Boston's injuries are really hurting them; along with Lester getting shelled yesterday :)

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