Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Genius Maker #105

I was impressed with Nova because he has some fire (telling Bautista “I will F…n’ hurt you”) and some poise to go along with a fastball he can reach 98 with even though he is usually around 94. He had some inconsistencies with his pitches, but hard to not feel he has a bright future. (I wouldn't be shocked to see him in our bullpen for the postseason).

Losing the game 3-2 where we had a horrible lineup at the bottom (Nunez, Pena and Cervelli is worse than an NL team WITH the pitcher) might not seem so bad, but I hated losing on giving up the HR to Bautista (his 2nd of the game). There is no reason to give him anything to hit there! 8th inning and he had 39 HR’s at the time??? Cervelli was lined up off the plate and Robertson made a terrible pitch grooving a fastball, but I would have thrown a curve to start the AB off and then taken it form there. Bautista is in some crazy, must have sold his soul to the devil, year because he had a career OPS of about .740 before this year and now he has a .970 ops. He has never hit more than 16 HR’s in a year and this year he has 40? Either way, bad job by Robertson and the Yanks as walking him would not have been an absurd choice in that spot.

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