Friday, August 13, 2010

The Genius Maker #97

Had a quick chance to post and wanted to say that I feel very good about where our team is now.

I am worried about Jeter against a righty in a key spot and we have some vulnerability with lefty matchups against our guys late in the game, but we have Pettitte coming back as are Aceves and Marte (supposedly). Berkman will be good against righties and he and Kearns give us some depth to rest our guys as needed and help some matchups.

ARod is not his normal self, but he can hit better than he has been and I am hopeful he will be able to turn it up a notch as the pressure he obviously a clutch player ;)

We still have the best record in baseball and we have rarely seen our best team out on the field for a week straight.

As for who we play in the postseason; I would rather not face Texas in a short series, but I feel we will prevail over anyone in the first round. The playoffs are always a crap shoot but we are a better team. TB is a dangerous team as can any team in a short series. As for the World Series, I am rooting against the Phillies to make the playoffs because they can be very dangerous. Nobody else really scares me.

So root against the Phillies and root for us to win the division.

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