Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Genius Maker #96

I said I was not going to post until Friday, but that was one heck of a gritty comeback by the Yanks. Even after falling behind 6-1 (I did think the matchup was not favorbale for Vazquez) and part of that was a terrible rundown by Posada which allowed 2 more runs to score. The Yankees scored enough runs to come back but left a lot of guys on base in key spots. Jeter hurt them with a K and Swisher struck out once again in a spot with a uy on 3rd and less than 2 outs (he has done that a ton this season). It seemed like they would just fall short with all the failed opportunities, but Thames had a fantastic game and Berkman also had a couple big AB's (a long double and a great AB in the 9th swinging at every strike and taking every ball working a very hard fought walk. Granderson correctly pinch ran or Berkman and Gardner came through with a lucky single. After a wild pitch we caught another break as Jeter dribbled one up the middle that somehow got through before Thames knocked in the go ahead an winning run.

Rivera allowed a leadoff triple, but then got the job done by getting a short bloop to right that Kearns caught (barely) and then sawed off one of the best hitters in the game to induce a grounder back to the Genius Maker before getting Vlad to ground out for the victory!!!



  1. WOW....I turned it off when they were down 6-1......AWESOME. Just saw they came back on here. I was checking if you said anything on my posts earlier!

  2. Hey after they got weak hits off Rivera to win the game before it's pay back we do the same.

  3. Yankees will fold down the stretch. Mariano is no longer a feared closer.

  4. I can see why the 1:27 post was anonymous...