Monday, August 16, 2010

The Genius Maker #99

I was not able to see the game last night so I can't say whether the Yankees hit horribly or there was an extremely well pitched game (Please feel free to comment on your own opinions). However, I think it is embarrassing that this offense could get shut down by journeyman pitcher! It seems whenever the Yanks face someone that is making one of his first starts or is just brought up they get shut down. I don't have stats to back that up (like usual), but it surely seems that way. This guy was a 29 year old journeyman who had a 4.85 ERA going into our game for crying out loud. When you have more errors than hits, that is simply atrocious.

Meanwhile, Burnett did a great job even with Cervelli making 2 more throwing errors (he now has 9 errors and for a defensive catcher, that is awful) and Cano making his 3rd error of the year (that is excellent).

I am annoyed because this was a game against a weak opponent we should be winning and off of a very rough stretch of playing mediocre ball, this team should start to go on a roll against matchups such as this.

Berkman tweaked his ankle (replaced by Thames) and I hope it is a minor issue.

Time to come home and get back to .600+ baseball

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