Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Genius Maker #108

Good to see the offense show up and hold on to a win, but it was disappointing seeing the pitching, particularly the bullpen struggle so much. Even Rivera walking a batter setting up the tying run at the plate was "off."

CC simply had a very poor changeup and that made it rough on him, but he grinded away getting into the 8th inning, CC is great!

Nunez had a big game and gave us some productivity out of the backup position that we have not had all year. He even dropped the head of the bat on a down and in pitch for a hard line drive homer - his first of his career! I don't know if he will be a good hitter at the major league level, as he seems like he would really struggle with the up and in fastball, but yesterday was a game we needed. He is only 23 so having the natural ability to hit the other way will be a benefit, but outside of last night he hasn't looked too good. The good thing is that he does have some natural ability. His minor league numbers do not show great hitting ability (about a .750 OPS between AA and AAA) with his main issue being a lack of walks and never hitting 10 HR's in a year (mostly double power). Last year Pena did a great job against righties for us having an OPS of .818 against righties in 90 AB's last year, but even though they are the same age, Nunez is a better hitting prospect. Girardi has said he will be platooning the two of them and perhaps that is still the right thing to do, but moving forward, you don;t need 2 utility infielders on the same team.
This leads us to why both guys are on the roster...the injuries. Pettitte will have another session today and this is very important as we need him back. Cross you fingers and hope he can go 100% and feel no pain. Berkman is supposed to try and run today and could start a rehab assignment on Monday if it goes well. ARod may start to take some swings on Monday as well. We need to get ARod and Pettitte back, but I also think Berkman will be helpful as well. Unfortunately, Teixeira hurt his thumb the other day and had to come out yesterday...these are HUGE blows and the Yanks should shut down Tex too ensure he gets healthy as we can't afford a setback.

BTW, I need to say great job by Thames who is still hot (we need to ride him) and has an OPS of .927 now! His last 45 AB's he is hitting .378 and an OPS 1.038.

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